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News Digest – 6th October 2005

Police stun-gun may be lethal, firm admits
3rd October 2005
The manufacturer of a stun-gun used in the arrest of a July 21 London bomb attempt suspect is restricting the use of the phrase “non-lethal” in its marketing campaigns amid an investigation by American state authorities


Jails ’still not tackling racism’
30th September 2005
The UK race watchdog says it could hold the Prison Service to account for its alleged continuing failure to tackle racism in jails in England and Wales


‘Scandalous’ UK immigration practices claim another family
29th September 2005
The deportation, this morning, of the Vucaj family to Kosovo has been condemned by supporters who have led a vociferous campaign to keep them in Scotland


Officers accused over raid attack
22nd September 2005
Four police officers have appeared in court – one accused of assaulting a man during a drugs raid and the others of lying about the alleged attack


Officer escapes jail over assault
22nd September 2005
A police officer has escaped a jail sentence for striking a drunken man with his baton


Anti-terrorism bill seen as undermining civil liberties
Liberal Democrats yesterday warned that the government’s counter-terrorism proposals would inflame community tensions and alienate young Muslims
21st September 2005


Cop cover-up
20th September 2005
Under fire Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair attempted to prevent an inquiry into the shooting dead of innocent Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes


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  1. Samanza says:

    I amm truly amazed at the level of Black deaths in custody. So much for freedom liberty and human rights in the UK

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for this new version of your ‘Real Time News’ page.
    Keep up the good work!

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